Sheet Metal Product Prototyping

A Successful Product Start with a High Quality Prototype

We are able to produce high quality sheet metal prototypes to exact specifications from your concept or design file. Let us work with you and create your concept and match exactly what your design requires.

Whether you already have a frame design or just an idea, our team is experienced in producing sheet metal prototyping to match your specific needs of cost and schedule while maintaining the utmost quality. With our top seven employees having almost 200 years of combined experience working with sheet metal prototypes along with Prescott Metal working out of the same area for more than 95 years now we know how to create a custom quality product for you.


From Prototype to Production

From initial concept to finished product and delivery, we work with you at every step of the process to make sure what you ask for in a sheet metal prototype is what you get. By keeping the entire process in-house we promise utmost quality and timely delivery without having to wait for any products or services to come in from overseas. This also allows us to maintain a safe work environment and constantly ensure quality for both our products and our employees.

We currently use Solid Works for sheet metal and frame layout, as well as BobCad-Cam which is used to program our CNC Machining Centers. We have both 2D and 3D capabilities and our team can quickly develop fabrication drawings for the shop floor right from your concept. Our Fabrication Programming department uses MetaCam to program our laser and punch. Prescott Metal has four Amada press brakes and the expertise to form complex parts to tight tolerances. This ability to rapidly produce sheet metal prototypes in a high tolerance environment ensures your concept can go from idea to full production quickly.


Your Vision… Realized

With over 30 years of combined experience programming parts for our customers’ needs, we offer significant advantages and assistance for manufacturing a precision frame or sheet metal prototype of your design. The expertise we have in-house for sheet metal, metal frames, and custom high-end work makes it quick and easy to put your prototype into production on time and at a competitive price.  If you need custom sheet metal fabrication or prototyping in Massachusetts, Maine or New Hampshire, please request a quote today!