Advanced Sheet Metal Fabrication

State of the Art Advanced Metal Fabrication

We produce advanced sheet metal fabrications by using state of the art equipment and technology throughout our facility. Our programming department is capable of programming even the most complex parts. Our staff has the experience and innovative thinking to help you stay on budget and on schedule.


At the Forefront of Metal Fabrication

From start to finish we meet the specification of every aspect of your design. With a 4,000 watt Mazak Mark II Laser we can laser cut steel plates up to .75” thick, Stainless Steel and Aluminum up to .375” thick. We have a variety of CNC controlled milling machines used primarily as a support function to our advanced metal frame fabrications, helping us control lead times and quality by keeping this process in-house. With our vast knowledge of advanced sheet metal and frame layout we can be very instrumental in helping to bring new products and ideas to life.


Our Capabilities

With our precision equipment, we can meet nearly any need. For shapes that cannot be cut on an Amada Vella II CNC 44 station, 33 Ton Punch Press we can use our 4000 Watt laser. We also have a Niagara Shear that can shear up to a 10’ x 3/16” plate. In addition to our advanced equipment we have a team of welders using updated equipment for Mig, Tig, Spotwelding and Stud Welding. All of our fabricators must pass our own Prescott Metal internal welding test and commonly have AWS certifications which include Aerospace. We are able to weld aluminum, mild steel, and stainless steel.

We consistently deliver custom products on time. We can provide your desired finish – polished, urethane or water based paint, and powder coatings. Let our experienced team and precision equipment take on your project from start to finish. We deliver in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Request a quote today!