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It is the goal of Prescott Metal to provide to its employees, the tools and knowledge required to fulfill our obligations to our customers. It is the further goal of Prescott Metal to provide to its employees a safe and accident free workplace. In doing so, Prescott Metal will strive to be a company which ANY employee can point to with pride as their employer.


History of Sheet Metal Fabrication

Prescott Metal was founded in 1918 by Chris Prescott

Prescott Metal was founded in 1918 by Chris Prescott, a young English blacksmith and sheet metal worker who came to America in search of a new life. During the ensuing years, Prescott Metal prospered as a small family-owned sheet metal shop, servicing business and industrial firms within a thirty mile radius of Biddeford, Maine. In 1964, the firm expanded its services and market area. Since then, employment has more than tripled, the plant has expanded four times and new state of the art machinery and capabilities were added.

Over 90 years later, Prescott Metal is known to be one of the best custom sheet metal fabricators in New England. Today, Prescott Metal is a supplier of precision sheet metal, structural components, and precision tubular frames for a wide variety of machinery and equipment manufacturers. We deal primarily in stainless steel, aluminum and carbon steel fabrications.

With our precision equipment and highly trained experienced personnel, we are able to maintain dimensional tolerances of +/- .005 of an inch and angular tolerances of +/- ½ degree. We wet paint and powder coat to the requirements of our customers, and also provide quality silk screening services in-house. Our delivery fleet allows us to deliver finished goods to our customers on time and in good condition without having to rely of the uncertainties of common carrier services.


Our Sheet Metal Experts

Prescott Metal has a highly trained, highly skilled work force.

Prescott Metal has a highly trained, highly skilled work force. Seven of our forty plus employees have a combined total of more than 200 years in the trade with us. This is a testament to the fact that we truly recognize the value of our employees; it is their attention to detail that is the reason for our longevity and continued success.

John Grondin - President and CEO of Prescott Metal John Grondin President & CEO John Grondin started at Prescott Metal as a sheet metal fabricator back when he was still in high school, and the company was owned by his father. John went on and studied accounting and worked closely with his father, learning by hands on experience how to manage a growing company. Today, John is the President and CEO of Prescott Metal, and he is very involved in the day to day operations of the business.
Steve St. Ours - Production Manager of Prescott Metal Steve St. Ours Production Manager Steve started at Prescott Metal more than 25 years ago as a sheet metal fabricator, and very quickly became the lead man of his department. Steve helped Prescott Metal develop methods of finishing stainless steel fabrications that helped us rise above our competition. To this day, many of the high end users of stainless fabrications come to us for the quality of our work. Today, Steve is the production manager of Prescott Metal, and is instrumental in training, coaching and managing our employees, ensuring that Prescott remains ahead of our competition.
Mark Whitmore - Sales Manager of Prescott Metal Mark Whitmore Sales Manager Mark started at Prescott Metal back in 1977 as a tubular frame fabricator and structural metal worker. He spent 12 years as a fabricator, going on to be the only State Certified welder at Prescott at the time; he traveled in the area doing welding jobs on government projects where this certification was required. Mark has been in sales for more than 20 years, and today he heads up the sales team. The sales team of 3 has more than 80 years of fabrication experience between them, so they will understand your project, and will be happy to supply a quote.